7 December

The Development process of iOS Apps


You probably think that creating an app is quite difficult, and if truth be told, it was. Few years ago, creating an app on your own was pretty much difficult. But today, creating an iOS app is not an intimidating task at all; rather it can be a fun and exciting activity.

Apple provides a number of tools for creating Mac and iOS apps. However, it is not easy to come up with a unique idea, code it up, and have it accessible to millions of potential customers. It is a step-by-step process that you need to know and follow. In order to make it easy for you, here the general steps that might help you create a masterpiece.

Develop a Brainy Idea

As you probably know that there are a lot of apps for everything. The most important questions are whether you have a unique idea and what makes your app stand out? Why would anyone want to use your app? So, be sure you have some unique ideas that are different and better than an app that already exists.

Draw it out or create a rough sketch on the paper. The rough sketch will be helpful in visually conceptualizing the key attributes, complete layout and ultimate goal of your iOS app.

Get a Mac

Currently, the iOS development tools are only accessible to Mac user. So the first step that people often overlook is to get a Mac computer.

Register as an App Developer

In order to work with the Mac tools, it is essential to have an official Apple developer account. You only need to register once. The registration is free. Simply give your information and agree with the terms and conditions. Once you are an Apple Developer, it is easy to create iOS apps for any Mac product.

Download the Software Development Kit

Having an official Apple developer account makes it easy for you to download software development kit for any iOS device. The download could take a few hours as it is huge and contains sample codes and all documentation. Make sure that you have the right OS version installed.



Download X Code

If you don’t have XCode, download it ASAP. According to Apple, XCode is actually a complete full-featured IDE which includes almost all essentials that a developer needs to create great applications for iOS devices. Developers could take advantage of the unified workflow for testing, coding and user interface design. The Swift programming language and Cocoa frameworks are included with XCode IDE to make app development simpler and exciting than ever. This is another huge download so be ready for a long wait.

Develop your app with the templates in SDK

If you have a rough sketch of your iOS app, then you can start designing it using the templates that are provided in the software development kit. There are a number of templates available in the SDK. You can also learn from YouTube tutorials that will help you to use these templates more effectively.

Learn Objective-C for Cocoa

If you love to learn programming, then you will surely love to learn Objective-C. This programming language is for all iOS devices. iOS developers use it to write the native applications for all Mac platforms. Developers should have complete command over Objective-C because of its almost universal application in Apple’s hardware platforms.

Program your App in Objective-C

Programing an app could take anywhere from weeks to months. It all depends upon the complexity and skill of the programmer. Many developers work in teams to distribute the workload. This ensures that the code development process is without errors.

Test your App

Software development kit comes with iOS stimulator. All you need to do is to load up your app and starts testing the app. Major bugs are easily detected as they cause the app to fail in the stimulator. However, tracing the cause of the failure is a skill in itself. Every app should be exposed to a rigorous testing phase so that the final product is user-friendly and highly functional.

Upload the App to iTunes

Unfortunately, uploading an app to iTunes is not cost free. It requires a one-time member fee. However, you might earn it back if your app sells well. However, many apps break even after sometime.

Have other test your app

Once you get a one-time membership, you will be able to have others in the app community test your app and assist you in working out any lingering bugs. Apple products have a great community and checking new stuff is lots of fun. Depending on the complexity and nature of your iOS app, this process might take some time.

Submit your app for approval

After completely checking of your iOS app in the community and working out all the bugs, you can finally submit an app to AppStore for approval. The process of the approval might take some time, so be patient and wait! You can expect at least a week before you hear back from them.


After the approval of your app from the AppStore, it is time to market your iOS app. It is important that you should have a promotion strategy in place so that your app gets noticed.