2 December

How Mobile Apps Benefit Businesses

Everybody has one always-connected smart device, be it a phone, tablet or the latest smart watches, on him or her. These devices have opened a new world of opportunities for the business marketers. Many experts believe that, regardless of the size and industry, apps provide a level playing field to all businesses. Building a mobile app is crucial for businesses because of the many benefits that a dedicated, custom-developed app offers to customers and marketing professionals.

Establish a Direct Marketing Channel

A major benefit of having a mobile app is that all the information the business would like to deliver to the customers is right at their fingertips. Mobile apps provide a host of features, such as delivering general info, search features, user account management, messaging, news feed, and much more. With push notifications, the business can establish a direct marketing channel with customers, reminding the customers about services and products whenever they are near the service area.

Enhanced End User Experience

Being a great replacement for the conventional way of doing business and with ease of access, mobile apps have improved the end user experience significantly. The ease-of-use and high reliability of mobile apps engage customers and make them “stick” to the business. This results in increased revenue and improvements in overall customer satisfaction.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty

An app that offers the customers timely information or serves a very useful purpose help build customer loyalty. In many instances, a well-designed and efficient mobile app is one of the best ways of ensuring that interested visitors or users become loyal customers. Another great thing about mobile apps with storefront capabilities is the simple fact that the users will not opt for competitors’ apps.

Increase in Website Traffic

If the business has a mobile app which is neatly connected with the official website, chances are that the traffic on the website will see a significant jump.  Even if the app is not linked to a website but is very popular, people are likely to explore the business’s website to find out more about the app through online searches. The best example of this phenomenon is Instagram. It is well known for its amazing photo editing mobile app. However, people usually search for it using Google and subsequently visit the website.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Small businesses still do not fully leverage the power of mobile apps. Mobile apps could be a very cost effective way of beating the competition. A well designed and functional app could do wonders for a small business. This approach particularly works for businesses operating in a limited service area. With the right app, these businesses could capture a larger market share easily.

Build Brand and Increase Recognition

Mobile apps for the business contribute greatly to brand awareness. Apps are the perfect vehicle for brand development because of several ways in which the logo, theme, color scheme and catchphrases could be used in UI and functionality of the app. All these elements remind the users that the app they are using represent a particular brand.

An app for does not have to offer a wide range of features. In fact, a simple app with great UI and reliable functionality is worth more than flashy but broken app. A high performing app is usually one of the easiest ways in which a business could build its brand.