30 November

The Crucial Features of an Effective E-commerce Website

The rapid increase in the number of internet users over the years has compelled businesses to build and maintain online presence. For establishing an online business, an effective e-commerce site is all what you need. E-commerce sites enable businesses to sell their products and services online to a wide-range of customers. However, the massive growth in online businesses has also made it important to keep make the website simple, easy and engaging. If you wish to set up your online business, then consider the following crucial features that are the fundamentals of success of any e-commerce website.

Search, Filter and Sort

Search, Filter and Sort are the key features of an e-commerce website which helps to provide a positive and better online shopping experience to customers. For customers, nothing is more frustrating than having a search feature on the website which provides dozens of unrelated search results. Therefore, it is imperative to use reliable search engine software, and equally important is to provide options to filter and sort search results.

Ease of Navigation

Another crucial feature for an effective e-commerce website is its easy navigation. With easy navigation customers can easily find their desired items/information. A rewarding user experience keeps your users on the website. It is essential that the buttons leading to the next page like search bar, contact information, shopping cart among other can be recognized easily. Ideally, visitors must be able to explore what they are looking for within few seconds.


Security is possibly the most important feature when developing an e-commerce website. It is extremely important that you make your customers feel more comfortable about sharing their personal or financial information. Having the security measures, such as Secure Server Connection (SSL Certificate) is an essential but it also needs to be made clear to your potential customers that all their information is fully secured by the best security measures available.

Remember, it is not only enough to just add security features, it is equally important for you to communicate well those features to customers so that they feel that they are to have a safe and secure experience.

Quick Load Time

According to the recent studies, 40% of your online shoppers close your website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Make sure to work together with a web developer that knows well about how to design and optimize your website to reduce the loading time.

Easy Check out Process

Your visitors also expect an intuitive and fast checkout process. According to the stats, almost 75% of the visitors abandon the checkout process before they finish a purchase. In order to avoid losing that sale, it is better to simplify the checkout process on the website. It might be more beneficial to both you and the customer, if you allow your customers to enter all the information such as credit card number, shipping option, billing address etc. on a single page.

Shopping cart design and features

A shopping cart page design or layout should be simple and effective for your customers. For instance, it should display the company logo, colors and also prominent checkout buttons. So, make sure your shopping cart page should have all that elements that your customers need. It is also important that not to limit the payment options for customers.

Detailed yet Concise Product Information

Your visitors always need to know the facts about what they are buying from your website. It is important to examine the product pages on an e-commerce website and check whether there is anything missing, lacking or confusing. Put the most important attributes first, and then add the additional information that relates to the specifics of the product. Using a good descriptive video might be also helpful to get the potential buyers. Just like if a picture is worth thousands words, then short and appealing video is worth a million words. Product videos should represent the product specification, attributes and also illustrate how that product can be beneficial for the users.