27 November


If you are reading this post, it is highly likely that you want to build a website with all the magical features to attract and retain people; other chances are you are looking to copy this post! Whatever the reason is, I am undeterred to reveal secrete ingredients of a successful website. Are there not enough blog posts telling me this? Why should I read this post? How can your post be any different to others? These questions and many others must be clouding your thoughts about either to rely on the provided information or just experiment first-hand by building a website just the way you want. I would not recommend experiencing first-hand, not until you finish reading this post. In this post, I condensed all the #MustHaveElements available and also added emerging elements. Basically, the following post is witchcraft to beat the competition and take lead.

Every website has many features, normally tailored to the needs of target audience, but to make a website successful you need to put the following six magic ingredients into the web-potion.  These are:

  1. Responsiveness

Creating a website that works on multiple platforms is a confusing decision. The number of people using smartphones and tables to access internet is rapidly growing, which makes it critical to create a responsive web design or RWD. RWD basically sums up the need for mobile friendly, tablet friendly and desktop friendly websites. RWDs are good for SEO and is now the best way to please the online divine being (Google). Responsiveness of the websites not only increases the page ranking in search engine results, it also enhances user experience. A responsive website reduces long-term costs, make website appealing, and optimize overall viewing experience for users. Speaking strictly in business terms responsive websites leads to revenues.

  1. Easy Navigation

Suppose you are in a medieval ship sailing in Atlantic without navigation, what would you do? Leave things to fate, I guess! Customers and users however don’t leave things to fate. Poor or difficult navigation between pages increases the bounce rate of users. So it is very much important to focus on design where users can easily navigate between the pages. Otherwise, your website would sink in the Atlantic of competition.


  1. Search Bar

Really! You might wonder. This feature makes it easier to find a needle in a haystack (metaphorically). If your website is flooded with the information, products, services, users then this feature is a must have. This enables people to locate the information they desire. Of course people can use Google to search information on your website by just typing the keyword with site:yourdomain.com and tada! However, it doesn’t work this way, as majority of people either don’t know or commonly don’t use such techniques. They will just type the keyword and a lot of other websites (probably yours too) would appear.

Imagine Facebook without a search bar. Every time you need to search a friend, a place or a page you have to use a search engine. The search engine results however don’t only provide you the Facebook link to that page but also the links of Twitter, GooglePlus, and Reddit among others. This reduces the probability that you would use Facebook link, instead you might start using other social networking website. I know you are not starting a social networking site, but consumer behavior in such situations is same. So it’s better to have a search bar than to loose users. See our website also have one.


  1. Excellent Design

Shape, texture, direction and color are the basic elements of every design. An excellent design is the one which sophisticatedly utilize all these four basic elements as per the nature and taste of audience/customers. A website doesn’t need all the mumbo jumbo elements of animation, sliders, vivid images, and videos to fall under the category of excellent design. Even a text-based website can be excellent (though I would highly recommend using text with images). So what are these factors and how do they work?

  • Shape:

Websites mostly use rectangular or square shape, but it’s not mandatory to use them. Shapes basically create an enclosed boundary of the overall design, and any geometric or abstract shape can be used, whichever serves the purpose.

  • Texture:

The utilization of this feature can enhance user experience of a website. Texture adds feeling, personality and warmth in a website which would create beautiful online experience. However, texture should be used in a way to make website more appealing while making its content prominent.

  • Direction:

The direction of website should be set in a way that it automatically compels you to move from one corner to another. Users normally read from left to right and then scroll down, which in design communication is known as F-pattern. Therefore, it is important to organize the information in a way that complements common reading pattern (i.e. F-Pattern).

  • Color:

Selection of appropriate color scheme is also an important part of effective web design. A well thought color scheme can enhance the overall user experience, increase the readability of content and make some buttons more prominent than others. The white space of a website, contrasting colors, complimentary colors and vibrant colors all should be used in a manner that make website more appealing.


  1. Social Media Buttons

It is no news that social media buttons have become a necessary element for every personal or professional website. This increases the reach of website, enable users to share the content with others, and ultimately it increases the profitability of a business.


  1. Load Time

No one loves to wait forever for a website to load. Personally, I blacklist the websites that take ages to load; so never again I have to feel the agony, anguish and pain of watching the website to load. But I do this because I always of hundreds of other websites providing similar information or selling same products. Until and unless you are offering something on your website that is not available elsewhere people may wait, otherwise they won’t. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your website is optimized for quick loading.