24 November

Benefits of Using Videos on E-commerce Websites

Videos are powerful way to represent products in an e-commerce website, and the savvy online retailers are exploring ways to achieve the best return-on-investment in video. Initially, videos were treated more like the glorified photos, but now, they are seen as valuable marketing tools for search engine optimization, social media programs and mobile commerce as well. Videos are more engaging for the users and showcase the brand image or product story of the website. This will be more effective than showing the simple text and images. If you own an e-commerce business and haven’t use videos yet, then here are some reasons why you should start including videos and how e-commerce experts are using videos to advantage their businesses.

Helps to Improve SEO Campaign

Adding product videos to the e-commerce websites can boost the search rankings. YouTube and Google are continually changing their search algorithms for the videos in order to define how to present results that their users find most relevant. Furthermore, research also shows that Google prioritizes the websites with video. So, using product videos might instantly result in your better SEO ranking.

Smart marketers use videos in the websites’ product pages. For example, they post videos on different social networks, e-mail newsletters and create channels on Vimeo or YouTube. All these can assist to increase their visibility and ultimately the better ROI.

Using Videos in Product Images                                             

Although images have their place in e-commerce websites, but they are usually less effective than videos when it comes to persuade online shoppers for a buy. For instance, the slideshows with product images, adding voiceovers and background music are more engaging than a static image of the deal. Another great reason is that consumers are usually interested in video content and find them engaging. According to studies, almost 69% of the traffic is predicted to be through video content. Therefore, it is a platform that everyone should seek and utilize in e-commerce businesses.

Videos encourage M-commerce

With the ever-increasing use of smartphones, everyone prefers to browse their favorite online shops with just a touch. They don’t need to scroll much neither they need to click on different links to get what they need. Videos can actually replace product pages on the m-commerce sites, making it easier for the buyers to make instant buying decisions.

 Helps consumer connect with the brand

Video is the perfect medium that effectively attracts and informs your potential shoppers. Not only this, it is enjoyable for the visitors and also results in high return-on-investment. By using engaging videos, customers remember your brand, stay longer on the website, and most importantly they want to see more products.

Videos are Highly Shareable and Clickable

Studies show that users are more likely to share the visual content than the text pages. They are likely to be persuaded to click on a video thumbnail rather than on something without any visual element.

Videos Captivates

Watching a highly engaging video takes little effort as compared with reading long product descriptions. In fact, no one has enough time to read the long boring text. People usually look for something that attracts them and appeal to their eyes. Videos have the power to motivate consumers to purchase online more frequently and quickly.

If a Picture is Equal to 1000 Words

Videos have the ability to give a lot of information in a short time duration. Having an interesting video that showcases your product will definitely give your customers more information about what your product actually looks like, how it works and could benefit them.

So, probably you get the clear picture that how videos can deliver great results for online businesses. It is clear that this medium is far more effective and can create an amazing online shopping experience for your customers. Jump in, get ready, and tap into the power of video.