17 November

Top Chatbots

Do you know about Watson?

It is a question-answering system that can answer questions just like a real person. Many computer programs can converse with you like a real human being. These computer programs are known as chatbots that converse by noting down every conversation to their database and analyzing constantly to improve themselves. The goal of all chatbots is to pass the Turing test, the standard for AI.

Turing Test judges a computer program from the conversation that involves a human and a computer. It simply evaluates whether it is the computer or the human who is carrying out the conversation. A program clears the test successfully when the evaluator could not distinguish between the human and the computer.

What is so great about Chabot?

Talking to a chatbot is very much like talking to your friends. It is always engaging to ask different questions and get interesting answers from the machine. Many businesses now use chatbots as first line of contact with their customers. Chatbots can interpret the questions and provide relevant information immediately. If the need arises, chatbots could even redirect the query to an actual person without any issues.


Mitsuku is a popular and highly advanced chatbot. Because of its innovative design, it won the Leobner Prize in 2013. A female chatbot, it is capable of remembering the users’ last chat with the computer. You can visit the Mitsuku website for a clear idea about how it chats with the human beings. To start conversing with the Mistsuku, simply click the “Chat to me” under the avatar and select the text format which you prefer for your conversation.


Botster is another simple yet intelligent bot. It is an open-source artificial intelligence. Like other bots, its main goal is to chat with humans in an entertaining or even intellectual manner. Simply go to site and start chatting with Boaster in no time. On the site, you are notified that Botster learns from the users, simply meaning that it retrieves, stores and start conversations with other users.


As the name suggests, it is clever. CleverBot is unique in the sense that its responses are not programmed. Instead, it learns from the human input. Simply type into the box, and the system finds all the keywords or the exact phrase. Once all the conversation is saved, it responds to the input by finding how a human responded to that input.


Cronus is another artificially intelligent chatbot that can speak and talk to you about everything. It has an integrated web-based dictionary that delivers precise and correct answers to all your questions. Another exciting feature of the CronusBot is whenever you want to know about the horoscope, weather at your favorite place or your favorite movie star it can surely assist you. It can also judge your overall personality by the way you talk.

The above-discussed chatbots are proof of advances in artificial intelligence. Share your experiences with chatbots or tell us about your favorite chatbot!