12 November

Top Five Trends in Mobile Apps

The mobile app development industry is booming!

It has started to transition from cellphones and tablets to wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT). The major role of advanced mobile applications is to contribute towards improving the various business aspects of multiple sectors including marketing, e-commerce, banking, government, advertising, healthcare and more. Today, the need for mobile app development is continuously rising, offering a huge scope for professional opportunities and monetary growth. Large-scale businesses are constantly on the lookout for expert mobile app developers to meet the demand of the consumer market.

There is a need for delivering successful mobile solutions in various areas, like gaming, mobile computing, social media, online shopping and more. Android and iOS developers are among the most sought after professionals in today’s job market.

Trends will continue to disrupt the development ideas in app development. Experts consider the following trends to be the most influential in the coming year:

Responsive Design

Tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices one thing in common: different screen sizes. With the advancement in mobile technology, majority of people prefer mobile devices instead of desktop as online shopping, internet banking, multimedia content, web browsing and gaming can be carried out with equal ease on mobile devices.

Responsive design paradigm ensures that the website and other viewable resources are rendered correctly on all screen sizes. The paradigm is a great leap forward in online design and development and will form the basis of future developments in mobile app design

Cloud-Based Mobile Development

Numerous mobile applications, like Gmail, DropBox and others have leveraged the power of cloud technology. This technology will play a key role in mobile app development.  With the rapid increase in the usage of multiple mobile devices, app developers will have to place emphasis on the ability to synchronize and integrate their apps on several devices. The cloud-based mobile development will allow developers to create their apps that can be easily accessed on different devices with the same features, functions and data.

Wearable Technology

Thanks to the Apple Watch, wearable technology was one of the most popular topics in tech and electronic industries in 2014. Until now, apps for wearable devices are mostly focused on healthcare and fitness industry. The great challenge for mobile app developers now is to design apps that can work on both smartphones as well as wearable devices. This trend will progress exponentially as other areas of our life will get monitored using wearable technology.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of Things is the hottest topic these days with its huge potential of transforming our daily lives. It involves electronic items or physical goods that are embedded with technologies that offer an exchange of data and remote monitoring by connecting them with our connected devices or other computer based systems. The trend of mobile development for IoT is growing exponentially. We will soon see solutions in infrastructure, health care management, environmental monitoring and more through mobile connectivity.

Mobile Games

The gaming industry has already witnessed a major boom with the advent of tablets and smartphones. Moreover, the demand for online games involving different users is gaining prominence. The integration of social media in gaming is one major aspect that will give a boost to the mobile game development industry. In the coming years, cloud based multi-player games would the mainstay of the sector.