11 November

Best Chess apps to play…

Chess has a glorious history and was one of the most important games to transition into the Digital age. In fact, solving chess problems still remains one of the most important tests of any computer system.

Given the systematic nature of the game and very predictable outcomes of every move, designing an app that plays chess against human opponents is not very difficult. Thus, any apps store features a range of chess apps with colorful design and implementation of the latest chess engines.

However, not all apps are created equal. We have selected the best chess apps so that you do not have to shuffle through a mess of apps to discover the best app for your chess pleasure.


Chess- Play and Learn

Chess-Play and Learn is an app for both newbies and experts. Offering single payer and multiplayer online modes, this app offers great chess fun. The best feature is the large set of chess puzzles that will keep users glued to the screens. These puzzles teach the basics of chess in a progressive manner, offering gradually hard puzzles as the user progresses through the list of puzzles. The learning portion of the app features interactive tutorials that guide the users through tactics and strategy.


Infinity Chess

Infinity Chess is simple and easy to use with its customizable features. Its features include the availability of support for all Universal Chess Interface (UCI) chess engines, interface for analyzing games in offline and online modules, different play modes for the match-up and assorted rooms for all types of activities. You can create an account or start playing chess straight away as a guest to experience the best of chess. If you love to play chess, you are definitely going to have a great time playing against your friends or the computer in these chess apps on your smartphone or tablet.


Chess Presso

Chess Presso is another interesting app for chess players. The best feature is the opportunity to play chess by post against online opponents. The main features includes live chats, ELO based rating system, Holo-inspired interface and ranks. The boards are little on the low-definition side but the plus point is the app’s low data usage.


Chess Genius

If you are in the search for a clean and simple chess app on App store, you could not go wrong with Chess Genius. It is quite simple yet attractive. It comes with 33 playing levels, loading/saving games in PGN format and importing them from the internet. Its features email chess and hints that make the Chess Genius very popular among chess fans.


Chess Puzzles

Chess Puzzles is a training tool and puzzle game where you must solve puzzles by using chess moves. The idea is simple and includes things like selecting the most efficient next moves for your pieces. It supports different chess engines, PGN files and it has recently being updated with a Material Design inspired interface. All of the puzzles are available offline so no internet connection is required.



Lichess focuses predominately on online play. It is continuously growing and boasts 50,000 online users. An interesting feature is the ability to play multiple boards simultaneously. It is available in 80 different languages, utilizes live chatting and offline multiplayer modes. Lichess supports different types of chess such as Antichess and King of the Hill which is absolutely interesting and a lot of fun to play. It is free with no in-app purchases.